Isabelle DaVinci

Isabelle was born in Florence in 1468 and collaborated with her famous brother until she was 20. It's a man's world, and Isabelle decided to relocate to a time period where women owned businesses were taken seriously. DaVinci Scientifica was started in 2011 in a sleepy farm town in Minnesota, and currently occupies a state of the art studio complete with everything up to and including the latest in laser cutter technology. Suffice to say Isabelle was and is in her element: history + materials + tools = extreme fashion.

Isabelle's work has been seen on runways internationally, the stage, and television; she outfits the famous, the nearly famous, the infamous [*cough* Victor and the Bully *cough*), and anyone else who wants to look great. She owns a shop at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and can seen on the road at various conventions [comic-cons, steampunk shows, anime, etc.]